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We created YouSwags with the intention of being able to find a place where you can join a community, learn how to save money, get suggestions and new ideas, and talk about your money saving ideas all in one place.  Not to mention showing you how to earn free gift cards doing things on the internet you may already be doing, such as watching YouTube for money saving ideas, shopping online for the best products and prices, and uploading your own videos.



Paul Larkin

I’m a husband and father of six, yes six kids and three pets, and am always on the go.   I am constantly trying to find ways to save money and live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.  Having a large family, I have found ways to save thousands of dollars a year by making my own soaps and products rather than buying commercial ones.  If something is broke or needs to replaced, the first two things I ask myself is, can I do this on my own and how much money can I save?  I have a large collection of tools that can help me fix just about anything that gets broken since often it is cheaper to buy the tools and supplies than it is to hire someone to do it for me, and the tools are still there for the next problem I come across!

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